Good afternoon. It is rainy season here. I think there has been one 24 hour period with out rain, but basically it rains everyday. The soil when wet is tenacious. Shoes get to be a mess. It has been unusually heavy this year. This is bad for vegetable crops but good for coffee, teas and fruits that grow on trees such as avocados. It tends to keep the number of patients in clinic down as walking and travelbecomes difficult.

I have mentionedthat one of surgeons says it takes about 90 seconds when you arrive for ward rounds after you have been away to see something you never saw before. It is still true. The first case I saw involved bone disappearing from the elbow after a fracture. In fact there were two cases like this. It is rewarding and enjoyable to teach the orthopedic residents and students. I watched some surgery, and Ward Oakley evaluated the arthroscopy set up here. It is older than the equipment at Chogoria and will need some updating.

Nothing further planned today. Have a wonderful and blessed day.