Well at last we have internet access having arrived at Kikuyu Orthopedic Rehabilitation Centre. Our week as you may have read on Facebook was very productive and satisfying. First a follow up on my tooth. Feels much better. You might think that crutches can be a work of art but I saw such a crutch in the clinic. It is made from a single pice of wood that cut and the uprights carefully bent. The arm piece is fixed with mortise and tenon joints which means the ends of the uprights were cut(tenon) to fit in a hole in the arm piece(mortise). I don’t know how old they are. To me and others who like to work with wood  it is cool.


As I mentioned I had lunch with Jocelyn Mutwiri.. She is seen here with me. As we left her she was off to do laparotomy. Very versatile. Really not much more to add. Please if you are looking at this on Facebook like and share so we can reach as many people as possible.Thank you,.