Mission hospitals in Kenya provide 40% of the medical care in Kenya. The goal of Wilson Rehabilitation Foundation is to help these hospitals provide the best orthopedic care possible. It is hard for the indigent to find work that pays for room and board for the patient and their family. Consider the physically disabled due to musclo-sckeletal disease or injury. They have no hope of employment, or attending school so that they may be trained for a better way in life. it is our goal to provide the money for care, the best possible orthopedic devices, and the best environment for the care of these patients. We cannot do this with out you.

We are pleased that we have an entirely new website to serve so you know what we are doing. This blog will be primarily active during our mission trips. We have made it easy to donate via the website. Each of your donations is carefully used. We try to keep our administration expense at a minimum so that your donations have maximum effect. Please know that your confidence in our work is a blessing and inspiration to all of us. If you have questions or prefer to use a check for donations please contact me at: doug@wilsonrehabfoundation.org. I will send you our US mail address.